PhD Research - Matthew Fienup

Master's, Economics, UC Santa Barbara

In his research, Matthew Fienup analyzes the effects of land-use policies on various economic outcomes and explorea how political structures and dynamics affect the passage and implementation of land-use and related resource-management policies. In addition to examining rates of urban growth, residential and agricultural land values, and stocks of natural resources including groundwater, Matthew focuses on how urban-growth restrictions affect patterns of agricultural land use. A potential causal link between urban-growth restriction and the intensification of agricultural use has important implications for management of groundwater and other natural resources. Exploring the link between land-use policy and natural-resource management is an overarching theme that ties together the various economic and political science elements of his research.

Year Admitted:
Research Area:
Environmental Economics
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Plantinga, Sarah Anderson

Office: Bren Hall 3031

Curriculum Vitae