William Tyler Brandt Snow hydrology, water resources, the energy balance of snow and ice, and remote sensing and GIS technologies Dozier
William Burke Hydrology, water resources, climate change impacts, and modeling methods; sediment transport and fire response; spatial-temporal variability of fire dynamics Tague
Sam Collie Agriculture and natural-resource economics; wilderness management Costello
Jessica Couture   Lenihan
Violaine Desgens-Martin Marine biology; aquatic toxicology; fate and transport of nanoparticles in marine environments Keller
Colleen Devlin Integrated water resources management, community empowerment, foreign aid Buntaine
Aubrey Dugger Interacting effects of land management strategies and climate change on water resources in the semiarid Santa Fe municipal watershed Tague
Patricia Faundez Marine conservation and planning Gaines
Marina Feraud Impacts of emerging contaminants, such as engineered nanomaterials, on soil microbial communities and nutrient cycling. Micropollutants in the urban water environment Holden
Sean Fitzgerald Enhancing Small-Scale Fisheries Management through Data-Limited Assessment and Collaboration Lenihan
Elliott Finn Investigating interactions between legislators and grassroots ecosystem management organizations through environmental politics, public policy, and collaborative management Soc. Science Group
Alexa Fredston-Hermann Drivers, constraints, and consequences of climate-related shifts in Anthropocene species distributions


Qian Gao The application of magnetic material and nanotechnology for water quality improvement Keller
Albert Garcia Natural resource economics, land use, fisheries management Soc. Science Group
Jacob Gellman Environmental and natural resource economics, applied econometrics, land use, energy Soc. Science Group
Niklas Griessbaum Environmental informatics Frew
Christopher Heckman Impacts of climate change and land management on how our upland forests use water and, in-turn, the quantity of water that will flow downstream for our consumption and management Tague
Elizabeth Hiroyasu Population dynamics of invasive wild pigs (Sus scrofa) and their effects on community ecology Kendall
Patrick Hunnicutt Political science and sustainable hydroelectric resources develeopment models Buntaine
Timnit Kefela Avenues for bioremediative of polluted sites; reclamation and repurposing of water Holden
Molly Lassiter Essays in Ecological Economics Kendall
Julia Lawson Data-poor fisheries; multilateral environmental agreements Gaines
Alice Lépissier Energy transitions, carbon pricing, and pathways for decarbonization Soc. Science Group
Owen Liu Confronting Complexity in Marine Population Dynamics and Management Gaines
Jason Maier Industrial ecology; systems thinking and complexity as applied to systems innovation, decision making, and resilience Geyer
Karly Marie Miller Social-ecological systems of the coastal zone and the two-way interaction between conservation and development in coastal communities, with particular attention to factors that affect patterns of marine resource use, and the social and ecological consequences of marine resources Gaines
Casey O'Hara TBD Halpern
Cruz Ortiz, Jr. Fate and transport of engineered nanomaterials in the environment Keller
Joseph Palazzo Methodological Developments in Consequential Life Cycle Assessment Geyer
Nicol Parker Nanomaterials, pesticides, fate and transport, risk, contaminant release Keller
Yang Qiu Development of Life Cycle Assessment methodology, application of LCA in material recycling and bio-energy systems Suh
Phoebe Racine TBD Lenihan
Maria Ignacia Riveria Cooperation in common-pool resources, small-scale fisheries management Gaines
Jade Sainz Physical and biological processes driving the productivity of shellfish aquaculture in Todos Santos Bay, Mexico Gaines
Runsheng Song Bridging data gap in chemical’s Life Cycle Inventory and rapid toxicity assessment for chemicals with predictive models Keller
Karnamadakala Rahul Sharma Organization studies and public management, knowledge networks and capacity building, local governance, energy, waste management, environment and development, sustainable development in developing countries Soc. Science Group
Timbo Stillinger Remote sensing, snow, water resources management Dozier
Mengya Tao Spatial Heterogeneity in Modeling Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Chemicals Suh
Sebastian Tapia Linking social and ecological systems in coastal marine resource conservation and management Gaines
Vincent Thivierge Environmental and natural resource economics, energy economics, and applied econometrics Soc. Science Group
Rachel Torres Environmental modeling, hydrology, climate change Tague
Laura Urbisci Uncertainty Analysis in Fisheries Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach Gaines
Caroline Vignardi Ecological implications of copper-based nanoparticles in aquatic complex matrices: Fate, behavior, and toxicity assessment Lenihan
Juan Carlos Villasenor Derbez Fisheries management, marine ecology, ecological modeling, community ecology, marine reserves, dynamic ocean management Gaines
Ying Wang Engineered Carbonaceous Nanomaterials in Legume Agroecosystems: Potential Effects and Fates Holden
Zoe Welch Assessing impacts and related toxicity mechanisms of metal
oxide nanomaterials upon nitrogen-fixing bacteria
Molly Wilson Social and ecological research to improve small-scale fisheries management Gaines
Erin Winslow Restoration ecology and understanding drivers of coral reef resilience in French Polynesia Lenihan
Becky Wright Integrating equity and collective action into conservation design, implementation and management Gaines
José Zenteno Ecological and social sustainability of small-scale coastal aquaculture in developing countries Gaines
Jiajia Zheng Industrial ecology, Life Cycle Assessment, Corporate Environmental Management Suh

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