PhD Research - Timnit Kefela

BS Biology, MS Biology, Rutgers University - Camden

Timnit’s research interests lie in the use of bioremediation to clean up polluted sites as well as the reclamation and repurposing of water. As an undergraduate, Timnit assisted in research analyzing the growth and pathogen control effects of leguminous associating rhizobacteria on non-leguminous plants. Under the direction of Dr. Simeon Kotchoni, her master’s research focused on investigating the role of rhizobacteria in the drought stress tolerance of plants. Timnit is committed to connecting people to science and has interned for the Philadelphia Science Festival at The Franklin Institute where she helped develop programs and events spanning different scientific topics. Additionally, she. During her graduate studies she served as a Civic Engagement Graduate Fellow, promoting engaged learning pedagogy for undergraduate success, and a Rutgers Graduate Fellow in the LEAP STEAM Fabrication Lab where she led the greenhouse and urban agriculture projects and was heavily involved in STEM outreach efforts. Additionally, she taught chemistry to high school students in Camden, New Jersey as a Chemistry Teaching Fellow at the LEAP STEAM Academy. 

Year Admitted: 2016
Research Areas:
Avenues for bioremediative of polluted sites; reclamation and repurposing of water
Faculty Advisor: Patricia Holden

Office: Bren Hall 2033