PhD Research - Yuxiong Huang

BS Chemical Engineering and Biological Eengineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Yuxiong Huang is interested in separation and purification technology, and applied nanotechnology. His research is currently focused on applying novel magnetic nanoparticle sorbents to remediate contaminants in aquatic systems. He seeks to develop a fast, convenient, efficient, and sustainable approach to treating both organic and inorganic pollutants in aquatic systems, while also developing recommendations for using the sorbents to eliminate contaminants from natural waters and wastewater effluents under various environmental conditions. To that end, Yuxiong is developing and optimizing the current novel magnetic nanoparticle sorbent Mag-PCMAs — employing alternative surfactants, larger pore size, and higher capacity — to remove organic contaminants (and especially emerging organic contaminants). He is also developing a new type of magnetic ligand-enhanced sorbent for the remediation of such trace heavy-metal ions as cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel, copper, etc.

Year Admitted: 2011
Research Areas: Remediation of Contaminants in Aquatic Systems, Magnetic Materials, Nanotechnology, Adsorption Processes
Faculty Advisor: Arturo Keller

Office: Bren Hall 2324
Phone: 805-893-5352


Huang, Y, Keller, AA (2013). Magnetic Nanoparticle Adsorbents for Emerging Organic Contaminants. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, doi: 10.1021/sc400047q

Huang, Y, Jae-Kyu Y, Keller, AA. Removal of Arsenic and phosphate from aqueous solution by (hydr-)oxide coated sand. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, in press.

Fellowship Awards

Bren School Michael J. Connell Memorial Fellowship (2012)