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Sustainable Water Markets Fellowship Program

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The Sustainable Water Markets (SWM) fellowship program focuses on market-based mechanisms that create lasting change in water management. Through training, research, and communication, the SWM program prepares a new generation of high-impact leaders in freshwater conservation. The SWM program provides:

  • Full and partial tuition, fees, & health insurance
  • Conference travel
  • Specialized training & curriculum
  • Opportunities for field studies
  • Faculty mentorship
  • A strong network of fellows and water market professionals

The SWM Fellowship Program provides Bren graduate students (MESM & PhD) support and training to lead water management reform by contributing new knowledge and shaping policy through market-based solutions. In addition to the normal coursework for Bren graduate students, SWM fellows engage in specialized seminars and workshops, lead a seminar speaker series, and participate in field studies related to water transactions.