MESM Focus: Eco-Entrepreneurship

Faculty Advisor: Emily Cotter

Addressing serious environmental and natural-resource problems requires ingenuity, agile thinking, and entrepreneurship. The Eco-Entrepreneurship (Eco-E) focus promotes innovation of environmental products, services, and technology transfer. Students generate ideas for new environmental ventures, conduct customer discovery research, perform market validation and develop business models. Students pursuing any of the seven specializations offered at the Bren School may add the Eco-E focus to supplement their training. Students also may choose to apply Eco-E concepts through an Eco-E Project. The Bren School, in collaboration with the Technology Management Program (TMP) in UCSB’s College of Engineering, launched the Eco-E curriculum in 2007.

Course Work
MESM students may choose to take Eco-E courses as electives. Students may earn an Eco-E focus by completing 14 units, including ESM 256A, ESM 256B, ESM 402A or TMP 269, and 4 units of Eco-E electives. Students who would like to pursue the Eco-E Focus must indicate this when they submit their MyPlan for approval.

Eco-E Focus Courses (10 units required to complete focus)

ESM 256A Intro to Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (2 units)
ESM 256B New Venture Opportunity Analysis (4 units)

Take at least 4 units:

  • ESM 402A New Venture Formation (Eco-E Project) (4 units)
  • TMP 269 Creating a Market-Tested Business Model (4 units)

Eco-E Electives (4 units required to complete focus)

Eco-E Electives in the Bren School

*ESM 230 Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Ventures (4 units)
ESM 269 Survey Design and Environmental Public Opinion (2 units)
ESM 279 Financial Management and Environmental Accounting (4 units)

Eco-E Electives in other UCSB departments

1TMP 240 Business Strategy and Leadership Skills (4 units)
1TMP 241 Managing for Innovation (4 units)
1TMP 242 Entrepreneurship (4 units)
1TMP 244 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3 units)
1TMP 246 New Venture Finance (3 units)
1TMP 255 New Product Development (4 units)
TMP 268A New Venture Competition Seminar (3 units)
TMP 268B New Venture Competition Seminar (3 units)
TMP 269 Creating a Market-Tested Business Model (4 units)

1Several courses in the Eco-E focus are part of the Graduate Program in Management Practice (GPMP), a UC-recognized certificate offered by the Technology Management Program (TMP).