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Gabriela Alberola E-mail
Linus Blomqvist E-mail
Kaili Brande E-mail
William Burke E-mail
Sam Collie E-mail
Jessica Couture E-mail
Sean Denny E-mail
Violaine Desgens-Martin E-mail
Aubrey Dugger E-mail
Nakoa Farrant E-mail
Patricia Faundez E-mail
Marina Feraud E-mail
Elliott Finn E-mail
Alexa Fredston-Hermann E-mail
Qian Gao E-mail
Albert Garcia E-mail
Jacob Gellman E-mail
Louis Graup E-mail
Niklas Griessbaum E-mail
Nathan Grimes E-mail
Chris Heckman E-mail
Annette Hilton E-mail
Elizabeth Hiroyasu E-mail
Patrick Hunnicutt E-mail
Liviu Iancu E-mail
Timnit Kefela E-mail
Seonghoon Kim E-mail
Julia Lawson E-mail
Brian Lee E-mail
Alice Lepissier E-mail
Cori Lopazanski E-mail
Jason Maier E-mail
Flavio Malagutti E-mail
Casey O'Hara E-mail
Cruz Ortiz, Jr. E-mail
Nicol Parker E-mail
Yang Qiu E-mail
Phoebe Racine E-mail
Maria Ignacia Rivera E-mail
Jade Sainz E-mail
Liliana Sierra Castillo E-mail
Karnamadakala Rahul Sharma E-mail
Sandy Sum E-mail
Sebastian Tapia E-mail
Vincent Thivierge E-mail
Rachel Torres E-mail
Juan Carlos Villasenor Derbez E-mail
Stephen Whitaker E-mail
Molly Wilson E-mail
Erin Winslow E-mail
Haozhe Yang E-mail
Jose Zenteno E-mail
Jiajia Zheng E-mail

Other PhD Students
Housed in Bren Hall
Karly Marie Miller E-mail
Zoe Welch E-mail
Becky Wright E-mail

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Master's Class of 2020  (Back to top)
Renee AlbrechtE-mail
Jennifer BalmagiaE-mail
Kirby BartlettE-mail
Madeline BergerE-mail
Lydia BleifussE-mail
Camila BobroffE-mail
Angela BoucheE-mail
Chase BrewsterE-mail
Alex BrownE-mail
Tyanna BuiE-mail
Nathaniel Jean-Rene BurolaE-mail
Thomas ButeraE-mail
Anna CalleE-mail
Andrea CheungE-mail
Gage ClawsonE-mail
Rebecca ClowE-mail
Tyler CobianE-mail
Geoffrey CookE-mail
Kristan CulbertE-mail
Hope CupplesE-mail
Caio Della Colleta ViannaE-mail
Eamon DevlinE-mail
Gizem Ilayda DincE-mail
Natalie DornanE-mail
Eleonore DurandE-mail
Benjamin EdwardsE-mail
Juan EspinozaE-mail
Sandra FoggE-mail
Joslyn FritzE-mail
Teresa FukudaE-mail
James FullerE-mail
Sidney GerstE-mail
Bridget GibbonsE-mail
Madeline GorchelsE-mail
Nelson GouldE-mail
Vanessa GuentherE-mail
Priscilla HareE-mail
Robert HeimE-mail
Adrienne HewittE-mail
Corinna HongE-mail
Tess HooperE-mail
Barbara HooverE-mail
Laura IngulsrudE-mail
Alexandra IvinaE-mail
Lauren JackE-mail
Tara JagadeeshE-mail
Jessica JagdeoE-mail
Yingfei JiangE-mail
Erica JohnsonE-mail
Shellby JohnsonE-mail
Jeremy KnoxE-mail
Alessandro LallasE-mail
Claire MaddenE-mail
AnnaClaire MarleyE-mail
Eva MarreroE-mail
Jamie MillerE-mail
Kyle MonperE-mail
Maria Fernanda Montero LaraE-mail
Kelly OdionE-mail
Sara OrofinoE-mail
Andrew PatersonE-mail
Anna Perez WelterE-mail
Isabelle RadisE-mail
Max RusserE-mail
Robert SaldivarE-mail
Karan ShettyE-mail
Juan SilvaE-mail
Samantha SmithE-mail
Callie SteffenE-mail
Javier Ureta Saenz PeñaE-mail
Daphne Virlar-KnightE-mail
Gracie WhiteE-mail
Jillian WirtE-mail
Yirui ZhangE-mail
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Master's Class of 2021  (Back to top)
Anna AbelmanE-mail
Simone AlbuquerqueE-mail
Allison BaileyE-mail
Indigo BannisterE-mail
Qusai BhaijeewalaE-mail
Marie BouffardE-mail
Margaret BricknerE-mail
Cameryn BrockE-mail
Grace BrofmanE-mail
Pat ByrneE-mail
Janelle ChristensenE-mail
Mauricio ColladoE-mail
Rachel ConwayE-mail
Julia DagumE-mail
Gabriel De La RosaE-mail
Max DiamondE-mail
Zoe Duerksen-SalmE-mail
Alex EhrensE-mail
Lucas EmpsonE-mail
Garrett EyerE-mail
Jordan FairesE-mail
Waldo FelixE-mail
Alicia FennellE-mail
Tor FibigerE-mail
Claudia FloresE-mail
Bret FolgerE-mail
Emma FriedlE-mail
Kelsie FronheiserE-mail
Hannah Garcia-WickstrumE-mail
Dylan GlaveE-mail
Leana GoetzeE-mail
Monica GordonE-mail
Haley GrantE-mail
Allison HackerE-mail
Jaleise HallE-mail
Jon HartE-mail
Jordan IskenE-mail
Ruiheng JinE-mail
Gavi KeylesE-mail
Courtney KroneE-mail
Annika LeibyE-mail
Kat LeighE-mail
Anthony LunaE-mail
Lauren ManzoE-mail
Raymond Marrokal-BoffmanE-mail
Renata MassionE-mail
Elliott MatthewsE-mail
Kazia MermelE-mail
Alex MilwardE-mail
Bobby MiyashiroE-mail
Peyton MooreE-mail
Keene MorrowE-mail
Wesley NewburyE-mail
Derek NguyenE-mail
Audrey NolanE-mail
Madeline OliverE-mail
Peter OmastaE-mail
Anne-Marie ParkinsonE-mail
Joanne PhamE-mail
Yani PohlE-mail
Siya QiuE-mail
Vanessa RathboneE-mail
Rebecca ReynoldsE-mail
Rachel RhodesE-mail
Paul RikhterE-mail
Minnie RinglandE-mail
Erin RistigE-mail
Andrew SalvadorE-mail
Ruben Sanchez RamirezE-mail
Ashley SarraE-mail
Lizzy SchattleE-mail
Nicole SchmidtE-mail
David SeganE-mail
Kate ShoemakerE-mail
Shuhan SongE-mail
Evan Trebesch HeberleinE-mail
Jennifer TruongE-mail
Benson TruongE-mail
Richard ViebrockE-mail
Victoria WallaceE-mail
Shelby WalshE-mail
Ruoyu WangE-mail
Veronica WeberE-mail
Michael WellsE-mail
Jakob Wilford-BivinE-mail
Alexandria WilkinsE-mail
AJ ZekanoskiE-mail
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group of students

bren student working in courtyard

students on grass

Student kayaker catching a wave

Students working at table

student near bren hall

Students at computer

Student hiker and dog overlooking landscape and ocean

Students on Deckers Outdoor Corporation Terrace

Student holding a block of ice

BrenGrass musicians performing

Bren students at Earth Day booth

students on tension line outside Bren Hall

students outside Bren Hall

Students comparing notes

bike path