PhD Research - Sean Fitzgerald

BS Marine Vertebrate Biology, BA Environmental Studies, Stony Brook University

New fisheries develop and expand at rates that simply cannot be matched by research and data monitoring. Thus, most fisheries in the world are unassessed, unmanaged, and data-poor. I plan to research novel strategies for fisheries management that will allow fishermen to operate sustainably even when data is lacking. Recent studies have demonstrated positive results when adaptive frameworks are adopted that allow for spatial and temporal changes in fishing effort based on changes in population sizes and ecological impacts. New community-based, bottom-up (rather than top down) management strategies will allow for improved ecological health and socioeconomic well-being of local communities.

Year Admitted : 2014
Research areas: Fisheries Management, Resource Management, Community Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Faculty Advisor: Hunter Lenihan

Office: Bren Hall 1306
Telephone: 352-246-5112
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Fellowships Awards:
Chancellor’s Fellowship,. Graduate Division, UC Santa Barbara. (2014-2018)